How to Safely Pump Gas: COVID-19

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Every time you grab a pump handle at the gas station, you could be transferring germs from dozens of other drivers’ hands onto yours. Follow these tips to protect yourself from the spread of gems during the COVID-19 pandemic:

– Avoid going to the gas station during busy times of the day

– If you have disinfectant wipes handy wipe down the pump and the credit card keypad before getting started

– When getting gas use disposable gloves to grab the pump handle, if you don’t have any handy use paper towels that are available. Be sure to keep your hands covered when pressing buttons on the credit card key pad, and when you’re done throw the gloves away.

– Keep hand sanitizer handy in your car. If you don’t have hand sanitizer make sure to disinfect all the places you touched in your vehicle when you get home.

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