How to Explain COVID-19 to Your Child

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Mother with little daughter in a room

Kids are constantly hearing information about COVID-19. They may be confused about the situation. Find out what your child knows about COVID-19 by asking them if they have any questions? Ask questions that are geared towards your child’s age level.

Offer comfort and honesty by being truthful to them about the situation. Share helpful and useful information to them about the ongoing situation. Check the CDC website for updated, reliable information about Coronavirus. By doing this you will have facts about COVID-19, and you can easily answer your child’s questions.

When speaking to your child about COVID-19 use a calm and reassuring voice. Talk about all the things that are happening to keep people safe and healthy. Teach kids washing their hands and wearing face masks/coverings when going outside will keep them well and can help them stay strong and well.

Keep the conversation going by checking in with your child. Ask them questions that encourage conversations about the situation. Use talking about Coronavirus as a way to help kids learn about their bodies and how immune systems fight disease.

Know when your child needs guidance. Be aware of how your kids get news and information, especially older kids who go online. Point them to age-appropriate content so they don’t end up finding outlets that scare them or have incorrect information.

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