Halloween Safety Tips

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Little children trick or treating on Halloween
Source: https://www.amfam.com/resources/articles/safe-and-happy-family/halloween-safety-tips

As Halloween approaches, thrills and chills creep up around every corner. Both little ones and adults delight in the excitement of dressing up and getting treats! But, while thinking about all the spooky fun you’ll have this year, make sure you’re keeping safety top of mind.

Be sure to check with your local health officials for possible rules or requirements. For the safety of yourself and your community, be sure you’re following any guidelines put in place.

Tips for Handing Out Candy

If you’re in charge of doling out the goodies, you have a few responsibilities too.

  • Wear gloves when passing out candy or consider using a kitchen utensil to help distribute them without hand contact.
  • Create social distance markers of at least six feet apart leading up to your door.
  • October is an unpredictable month when it comes to weather. No matter if it snows, freezes or if there are slippery leaves on the walkway — it’s your job to make a clear and safe path for trick-or-treaters.
  • Traditionally, turning on the front light signals that you’ve got candy — so consider adding lights all the way to the door for safer passage.
  • Also, be sure your family pets are safely tucked away for the evening — for their safety as well as that of your spooky guests.
  • Replace all flames with electric candles for a safe, yet realistic effect.
  • When it comes to treats, store bought is best.
  • A teal pumpkin at your door lets others know you are handing out allergen-free treats.
  • If you’re willing to try something new, go the healthy route and hand out little toys, trinkets, coloring books or crayons instead.
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