Halloween Home Safety Tips

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Three cute halloween pumpkins in autumn park
Source: https://www.amfam.com/resources/articles/at-home/halloween-and-homeowners-insurance

Everybody wants to have a safe and spooky Halloween , but sometimes accidents happen. Homeowners insurance helps cover common accidents and hazards that can happen on Halloween. With a little preparation, and the right protection, you can help prevent any mishaps — and avoid an insurance claim.

How to Keep Your Home Safe During Halloween

Easy ways to protect your home during Halloween include:

  • Locking all your doors
  • Parking your locked vehicles in your garage
  • Keeping lights on outside
  • Making sure valuables are out of sight

Clear your walkway

Slips and falls are very common at Halloween. Navigating an unfamiliar walkway is tricky enough. Now imagine a youngster with not-so-stable footing, trying to get around with a mask on. Yikes! Help them out by making sure your walkway, steps and front door area are well lit and clear of any debris. It pays to be proactive.

Avoid open flames

Electric candles provide a very homey flicker and no safety hazards. Protect yourself, your guests and your property from fire by eliminating the flame from your decorations and replacing it with a safer alternative. It’s best to avoid using open flames on Halloween.

Secure your furry friend

While your pup may be the best-behaved dog on the block, Halloween may still prove to be too exciting. Not only do animals feel some stress from constant visitors in costumes, but many kids fear animals. The safest course of action during Halloween is to confine your pet to another area of the home so they can relax and your visitors will feel welcome.

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