COVID-19: Mental Health

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Woman in quarantine wearing protective mask.

With Coronavirus being the constant daily headlines, the news can be helpful and informative on taking precautions and prevention but constantly reading and watching about the outbreak is not healthy for your mental health. Here are a few tips to follow:

Limit your sources – Try to rely on one or two reliable sources for news information. One source that is a great resource for updates and precautions is the CDC.

Practice acceptance– Accept that the news coverage will not answer all your questions or address all your worries. Be patient and trust that officials around the globe and the medical community are doing their best.

Limit your news consumption – Create a reasonable rate of consumption, check for daily updates. Consume only what you need to know and what’s relevant to you.

Differentiate between global and local – Think critically about the information provided and try not to jump to conclusions.


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